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The success of a good relationship depends on mutual understanding!

Month: November 2018


Equal partnership starts in dating

The other day I finally got around to watching Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s brilliant TedX talk on that a friend recommended to me ages ago. In it Chimamanda talks about equal partnership between men and women. Midway through her talk, she […]


Dating is changing. Are you?

If I happen to mention I write about faith and relationships, the questions flow. When to date. Who to marry. How to make good decisions. Even who to spend time with. Who, how, what, where, when. So many questions. And, […]


Should You Call it a Date or Not?

A century or two ago, no one would have really had this problem. But our modern society has changed. Sometimes, two people starting out in a relationship aren’t exactly on the same page about what that relationship is.Some advocate that […]


This year, don’t self-sabotage!

I was speaking with someone recently, and although they were single and trusting God to bring them their life partner at some point, they were concerned that they sometimes self-sabotage. One of the reasons they gave was that they were […]