British Dragon (Thailand): detailed description

  • Full name: British Dragon Pharmaceuticals
  • Country of origin: Thailand
  • Official website (in English):

British Dragon Pharmaceutical is a Thai pharmaceutical manufacturer focusing on the production of oral and injectable anabolic- androgenic steroids for human use. By athletes, he is often confused with Hong Kong (see British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd ) and European (see British Dragon Pharmaceuticals EU) companies with identical names, but in fact has no direct relation to them. More on the link:

British Dragon (Thailand) was established in 1999 in Pattaya , in the southeast of the country. The founders were entrepreneurs Ashley Vincent Livingston and Edwin Richard Crowley. Initially, the target markets for the manufacturer were the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, including the CIS countries (the drugs supplied to different regions differed in appearance, in particular, stickers on packages), but after that America was added to them (the United States with its multi-billion dollar turnover in the sports farm ) …

Company the British Dragon Pharmaceuticals in the early 2000s could boast of a rich product portfolio, and the product line has expanded only after the year 2004. But the main thing was normal production was established (at first, the products were produced under artisanal conditions: solutions for injections and tablets were made in Thailand, and bottled and packed already at the point of sale).

Livingston and Crowley’s business was slowly but surely developing, which could not fail to attract the attention of the US authorities, who are severely fighting illegal pharmaceuticals. In 2007, arrest warrants were issued for both founders of the company, and on March 21, 2008, they were detained (right in Thailand). At this point, the story of the “original” British Dragon actually ended.

However, British Dragon Pharmaceuticals did not end its existence. As it became known, Livingston managed to sell the rights to release the brand’s drugs even before going to prison (from which he was released in August 2010, since he entered into a deal with the investigation). Who exactly he sold them to, and who is currently at the helm of the company, is not known for sure: it is assumed that the current owner may be Michael Karner, head of Asia Pharma, but it is not possible to get official confirmation or refutation of this.

Whoever managed the “new” British Dragon, they approached the case thoroughly, as evidenced by customer reviews. The product range has not actually changed, nor has the quality decreased. According to the company’s own assurances, the production of its drugs is carried out in accordance with international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards .

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In 2014, British Dragon’s assortment expanded significantly. Athletes have the opportunity to purchase testosterone esters and nandrolone at an affordable price. People who have tested the products on themselves note the increased effectiveness compared to previous lines and drugs from other manufacturers.

Continuous development is the motto of British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. Athletes from various sports use British Dragon products. In addition, the range is designed for different levels of training. Anyone can find a product to suit their needs – both a beginner and an amateur and a professional.

Mostly those who want to build muscle mass, increase strength, and create a relief body buy goods from the DB. For each of the purposes, the manufacturer has released a special drug. Grow with British Dragon Pharmaceuticals!